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We support the social, private and public sectors to offer a vast array of services to their customers. Utilizing our powerful turnkey solutions, smart loyalty, couponing and raffle draw systems; can be deployed with a click of a mouse. Our solutions allow your customer to redeem coupons, collect loyalty points and rewards, enter raffle draws or gain access to an event – by simply waving his mobile phone in front of a touch screen tablet.


Make the best first impression

ViaFone platform enables you to create highly targeted mobile coupons to increase traffic to your store - achieving a high response rate from the most profitable customers. Both ViaFone members and your customers would just have to wave their mobile phone towards a contactless tablet to instantly redeem coupons. Our technology is easily integrated with existing POS and back office systems. Customer retention can then start using our ViaFone loyalty product.

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Beyond the conventional rewards model

The ViaFone platform offers a complete solution to proficiently attract and retain happy customers.ViaFone guides you to dig deep into customer’s behavior and shopping habits to match your loyalty rewards as per clients’ preferences. Your loyal members collect points and redeem rewards with a simple wave of their mobile phone towards a contact less tablet.A simple but sophisticated web or in-house interface allows you to create, manage and track in real time your loyalty program’s Return on Investment.

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Raffle Draw

Say goodbye to paper raffle tickets

Our turn-key lottery system allows shopping malls and individual merchants to swiftly set up, with different prize classifications and specific criteria for customers to qualify as winners. Customers register for the raffle draw by a simple wave of a mobile phone instead of filling out countless raffle ticket forms.

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Interactive Convenience

Use your mobile phone as a concert ticket or an exhibition badge to conveniently gain access to an event and VIP zones. Easy and quick registration allows top notch event management. Organizers can analyze visitor patterns and identify their preferences.

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Access Control


ViaFone system has multiple applications from tracking employee attendance to parking access control – all with time logs of entry and exit. Using mobile phones to gain access, expensive plastic cards don’t need to be managed, distributed and replaced.

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Mobile App Development

A complete approach to the mobile experience

We support you to tackle the mobile revolution, by transforming your vision into a mobile App. We will guide you to navigate this strategic new revenue stream. Your ideas or current online presence are seamlessly ported to mobiles with the latest features and most friendly end user experience.

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Server Development

A strong back-end

We build robust server back-end solutions after assessing your strategic goals, understanding your requirements and using our experienced developers. We deliver the back bone that will support your company’s long term objectives.

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NFC Technology Enabler

Tagline: Wave n’ Go

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology is intuitive and versatile, allowing users the world over to make everyday transactions with a wave. It is interoperable and works with existing contactless stickers, cards and NFC mobile handsets that support secure applications.

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