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Beyond the conventional
rewards model

The Via Fone 3.0 platform offers a complete solution to proficiently attract, acquire and retain happy customers. Via Fone guides you on how to collect data, dig deep into customer’s profile and shopping habits to match your loyalty rewards as per clients’ preferences. Find out more about our Loyalty 3.0 platform.

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Make the best
first impression

Via Fone 3.0 platform enables you to create highly targeted mobile coupons to increase traffic to your outlet(s) – achieving a high response rate from the most profitable customers. Customers simply wave their mobile phone towards a contactless tablet or an iBeacon to instantly redeem coupons. Our technology can be integrated with existing POS and back-office systems. Customer retention can then start using our Loyalty 3.0 platform.

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Raffle Draw

Avoiding Paper
Raffle Tickets

Our turn-key raffle system allows shopping malls and individual businesses to swiftly set up, with different prize classifications and specific criteria for customers to qualify as winners. Customers register for the raffle draw by a simple wave of a mobile phone instead of filling out countless raffle ticket forms. Our raffle draw solution is integrated with the rest of our Loyalty 3.0 platform allowing cross-promotions between brands.

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Waven ‘n Go

NFC and iBeacon
technology enabler

iBeacons and NFC technologies enable retailers to engage with their consumers in a highly relevant and consistent manner. Depending on customers actions, transaction history and profile, a targeted personalized call-to-action is sent as a message or push notification.

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Lead brand

Our Marketplace was created to generate commerce between different independent brands or between brands from the same holding. We support instant and seamless cross-promotions between brands on both the business and technology level. The result leads to intrinsically happy customers or employees whom emotionally connects to brands, ultimately becoming brand ambassadors.

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Real & Right time

Focus on what really matters to your customers by conveying concise, relevant and compelling messages using our communication management tool. You can target your customers based on their purchasing and demographic profiles at a particular carefully chosen moment throughout their shopping journey.

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Data Collection

Non-introsive customer
data collection

Entice customers to register to your loyalty program through a “welcome campaign” through a short customer registration form. Subsequently, based on purchasing behavior such as frequency or recency of members visits or spending pattern, using our delayed customer field solution, customers will be engaged to respond to 1 question at the time of a transaction or redemption. It allows you to better grasp who your customers are, in a non-intrusive manner.

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Dynamic Surveys

NPS - Net Promoter Score
the easy way

ViaFone enables you to set-up quick customizable and efficient surveys to capture your customers feelings at the right moment real time during a transaction rather than too late! Your business will inevitably benefit from leading indicators or growth such as the NPS. You may then segment your customers based on their response and act upon it accordingly.

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Customer experience

Customers brand association depend on how user friendly, convenient, rewarding and engaging your loyalty program is. Via Fone solution caters to all those customer satisfaction ingredients using innovative technology.

Enhance customer experience via their smart phones, our point of sale tablets application or ibeacons located at your cash counters. Your customers may pay with points, redeem a coupon or voucher, use a gift card or get enrolled into a raffle draw instantly, keeping in mind customer engagement, and retention through gamification.


Simple, Secure Multiple Customer Authentication/Login Options:

  • Smart phones using an app
  • Mobile phones using Bluetooth
  • NFC Loyalty card
  • Customer mobile number and PIN code

Rewards can always be redeemed!


Consumers only need to register onto our loyalty system ONCE whether via the mobile app, Facebook app, point of sale app or the website app we provide. Enable your loyalty scheme to be simple, approachable, usable, rewarding and connected.


Call to actions targeted via ibeacon based on customer in-store or out-of-store action, profile and purchasing behavior. It also includes a “social wall” to follow, share and rate friends and family “DIG™”


  • Customer and clerk friendly
  • Brand customizable remotely
  • Call to action and branding slide show.
  • Agile redemption flow
  • Direct call to action to
  • Mobile payment enabled
  • Offline transactions and registrations enabled
  • Remotely customizable registration forms
  • Delayed field to further build customer profiles
  • Feedback surveys

Empower businesses

Customer loyalty is an important ingredient to secure revenue by engaging, cross selling, upselling and retaining loyalty. For your customers to become brand ambassadors on the social media for instance, market profiling is vital and so is big data analysis.

We capture all types of data, mash them up, then analyze them thoroughly to generate meaningful data to gain deeper consumer insight to ultimately enhance managerial decision making.


Via Fone provides you the tools and technology to engage with your existing customer base and allow you to reward brand influencers based on their online social activity.

Consumer insights

We build consumer profiles to give you insights and support brand analysis of immediate and long term consumer behavior, ultimately creating opportunities.


Our Point of Sale communication slideshow and our mobile app enable your business to incentivise customers to engage with your loyalty program.


Our business loyalty marketplace is a modern advertising and cross-promotion platform allowing brands to interact with each other to attain economies of scale and to retain their customers’ “true loyalty”.

Cross Promotions

Cross promotions between brands allow customers to redeem a voucher or enter into a raffle draw with another brand creating an emotional connection the voucher issuing brand creating what the industry calls “TRUE LOYALTY”.

Fair Tier System

Limit tier level depreciation to whichever thresholds makes sense based on the analysis of your customer base profiles and purchasing habits.


Through Gamification of your loyalty program, you ensure engagement as “True Loyalty” is all about giving a purpose for your customers to give allegiance to your brand.

Employee engagement

Via Fone platform influences the conditions in which employees are motivated and engaging to sustain your business and positively impact your clients.

Your Staff represents the face of your brand to your valuable customers whether it is new or repeat customers. We provide you with the right tools to make sure you incentivize your employees to engage with your customers as per your needs depending on profiles entering your outlets or venues.

Incentivize Staff Loyalty

Businesses need tools and techniques to incentivize Staff to become loyal towards their brand.

Create a mutual bond between your Staff and your Customers via campaigns that gives a purpose for both to achieve a mutually incentivizing cause.


We strived in reducing human errors by simplifying the use of our Point of Sale application We propose 1 click quick step to answer to both your Staff and Customer needs.


Special and personalized treatment or promotions can be applied when staff know whom they are facing thank to our Point of Sale tablet application.


Reduce the amount of interaction between clerks or waiters with the point of sale system by integrating our solution to your Electronic Cash Register Machine.


We integrate newly introduced payment solution with our POS tablet. For further inquiry, do not hesitate to contact us.

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About us

Who We Are

ViaFone is a leading technology provider founded in 2009 that specializes in loyalty solutions and engagement services for companies from a wide array of industries. At ViaFone we are mainly focused on delivering end-to-end solutions with strong and proven return on investment and tangible value for our client’s customers. Our ultimate aim is to build a remarkable customer-centric loyalty and engagement platform for brands by offering an extensive range of technologies easy to deploy, seamless to integrate, cost effective and combining loyalty with today’s digital, mobile and social platforms to create the best user experience possible.


Can there be a win-win situation between merchants and customers? Indeed such synergy exists, but it requires deepened customer purchasing behavior understanding and accurate actions need to follow!

We strive to achieve unique equilibrium between merchants and their customers. In a balanced relationship, merchants benefit from their repeat customers long term loyalty and are able to offer enhanced and customized products, services and customer experience, while members benefit from relevant rewards.


A passion for innovative mobile technologies. Support merchants enable mobile commerce and mobile in-store customer engagement as a strategic new source of revenue as smart phones are ever present in our everyday life while keeping getting smarter! Our Strong focus on R&D allows us to introduce innovative, engaging technologies and features.


We work with any private or government organization that provides any type of service or product, which requires our Loyalty 3.0 solution to satisfy, engage and retain their customers and employees.


Our aim is to support merchants acquire, engage, retain and increase customer base in an dynamic, innovative digital World.

Via Fone helps you implement a smart couponing and loyalty strategy. We don’t encourage you to give out coupons with extremely large discounts, in which you have to literally give the house away. Rather we encourage you to target a specific set of ‘profitable customers’ who will be attracted to try your product or service, and then convert them into loyal clients. In essence the first coupon or offer is the ‘sampling’ that allows the customer to come in and thereafter our smart loyalty platform supports their conversion into long term members.


We support the private and public sectors to offer a vast array of services to their customers. Utilizing our powerful turnkey solutions, smart loyalty, couponing, cross promotions or MarketPlace and raffle draw systems; can be deployed with a click of a mouse through our control panel.

Our solutions allow you to understand your customer individual and segmented profile through big data analysis. We engage your customer to redeem coupons, collect loyalty points or visits, rewards, enter raffle draws or gain access to your private events – by simply waving his mobile phone in front of a touch screen contact-less tablet enhancing communication with both your customers and clerks.

Our Key Team Members

Souffiane Houti


Founder & CEO

Christopher Dartnell


Senior Software Engineer



Software Engineer



AI PhD Researcher



Advisory Board

Utku Erol


Senior Product Manager

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