Awarded DEWA Future Utility Cup 2016

DEWA (Dubai Electricity & Water Authority)
DEWA (Dubai Electricity Water Authority) Future Utility Cup 2016


To enhance customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.



In order to address this challenge, VIAFONE Technologies part of CELS Group integrated their CHATBOT platform with the loyalty platform and the result was an engaging solution on Facebook messenger. VIAFONE Technologies also created Green Points following Dubai Happiness Initiative, by proposing DEWA to guide and evaluate customers’ happiness based on environmental pillar from the Index of Happiness.

“DEWA announced winners of DEWA Future Utility Cup competition” You can view the press release on the this link.

Below is the snapshot of the Program Mechanics done for the project.

1. Earn Green Points

DEWA Customers received GREEN POINTS based on how ”Green” or “Eco-Friendly” they are. According to the type of property/residence they live in, they get triple points for staying on the Green Slab, double for the next slab then no more points or deduction of points as they reach the red slab.

2. Reach Happiness Goal

DEWA proposed environment related happiness goals believed to elevate their Happiness as per the Ministry of State for Happiness standards and guidelines and customers get to choose how to use their points.
For example, customers could decide to plan a tree in one of the farms in the desert of Dubai to fight desert advancement thanks to their accumulated Green points.

3. Personalise Your Reward

VIAFONE Technologies proposed a simple, seamless and enhanced user redemption experience and personalise the rewards DEWA provides with true value that will make the difference in repeat bot usage, engagement and retention, hence in happiness.
Tracking all targeted offers redemption, users rating and profile segments to capture valuable data and analyze it for better decision making.

4. Redeem Your Offer

Customer could redeem an offer by having the merchant enter their unique PIN and note down the transaction ID to their POS system for their internal tracking.

VIAFONE Technologies also proposed that the Market Place to allow DEWA to enhance their partner merchant network acquisition and allow them to launch relevant and contextual offers based on DEWA’s anonymous profiled data about their customers.


Press Release: 

DEWA announces winners of DEWA Future Utility Cup competition