du Loyalty on WhatsApp & Facebook Messenger CHATBOT

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du Loyalty on What's App & Facebook Messenger CHATBOT


Today’s market situation involves having too many physical loyalty cards and multiple loyalty mobile apps which eventually deters consumers from getting involved and engaged in existing loyalty programs. The requirement was to develop an innovative loyalty platform that can improve customer service and retention by 10 using Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning on WhatsApp messaging platform. Further requirements, were to allow a network of partner merchants to build their own campaigns and allow them targeting of specific relevant tier level of du customers.



Du and VIAFONE Technologies Joined Forces to develop Innovative Loyalty Solution as part of the Dubai Future Accelerators. Dubai Future Accelerators facilitates the collaboration between government entities from Dubai with start-ups and innovative SMEs from around the world to co-create solutions for bold challenges of tomorrow.

VIAFONE Technologies part of CELS Group adapted to du telecom customers’ preferred channel of communication and preferred customer experience rather than imposing on customer designers’ both UX (user-experience) & UI (user-interface). VIAFONE Technologies integrated their existing customer engagement and  loyalty platform along with their CHATBOT AI/NLP engine to WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.


Press Release: “du and Viafone Join Forces to develop Innovative Loyalty Solution as Part of the Dubai Future Accelerators”