Finalists of the Facebook Messenger CHATBOT MEA Challenge for Social Goods

Social Perks
First loyalty CHATBOT application on Facebook Messenger


A contest to recognise and reward developers who create an innovative new bot in either the Middle East and North Africa, or Sub-Saharan Africa region, in one of these three categories: Gaming Entertainment, Productivity and Utility and Social Goods .



VIAFONE Technologies part of CELS Group built the first loyalty CHATBOT application on Facebook Messenger named Social Perks. It aggregated all vouchers, offers and loyalty digital cards in the market on-to the millennial preferred channel of communication (Facebook Messenger). It used Artificial Intelligence and natural language processing to capture the intents of users.

Social Perks supports brand’s loyalty and customer engagement by attracting existing segmented customer base active on Facebook. Social Perks provides brands with access to 110K profiled members from social media groups such as Facebook groups to companies’ employees.

In the eyes of social media groups members and companies’ employees, Social Perks is an aggregator of vouchers and digital loyalty cards that are personalised, relevant deals across their city. In other words, a single unified wallet of offers and digital loyalty cards.



Press Release:

Finalists of the Facebook Messenger ChatBot Middle East and Africa Challenge for Social Goods