First worldwide mobile contact-less loyalty program without requiring the download of a mobile application

First worldwide mobile contact-less loyalty program without requiring the download of a mobile application


To launch a SAAS (Software As A Service) comprehensive loyalty program that is fast to deploy; with a user-friendly control panel where customer engagement and loyalty campaigns are easy to set-up by WAFI marketing team; gather and analyse data from customers relating to (demography, purchasing and redemption behavior); holistic view of retailers segment based sales to help them support cross-promotions; adapt to customers’ preferred mode of identification; without a mobile app to keep adoption and usage simple and available to everyone; using mobile touch & go technology to reduce in the long run cost of contact-less loyalty cards; and finally WAFI was seeking for a cost-effective solution.



VIAFONE Technologies part of CELS Group developed a Point of Sale tablet application deployed at shopping mall customer service desks, restaurants, coffee shops, retailers and SPA cashiers. The POS tablet was NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled and allowed mall customers to become members of WAFI loyalty scheme by registering, earning points and paying with points using the most convenient method they’d prefer: tapping on the POS tablet members’ contact-less NFC WAFI loyalty card, entering their phone number and Pin or simply tapping onto the POS tablet either with the NFC smartphones or any type of phone by turning-on their Bluetooth.

In fact, VIAFONE Technologies introduced the first loyalty program using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) without imposing the download of an app. Our loyalty cloud-based platform allowed WAFI mall to target group of members based on their profiles such as demographics or purchasing behaviors. WAFI was using our built-in CRM system in order to send transaction summary and cross-promotional SMS to visiting members. We developed innovative technology processes in order to allow exceptional customer-centric experience. We also developed a Facebook application, which allows members to check their points and tier level status and transaction, edit their profiles or change their Pin directly from WAFI Facebook page. We also integrated such member dashboard on WAFI started this new loyalty program from scratch, disregarding existing customer database from previously existing loyalty programs. Till date, no shopping mall in the UAE has proposed similar advance smart loyalty programs while WAFI keeps growing their loyal member base.


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