Is Your Business Ready for Artificial Intelligence(AI)?

A virtual assistant, also known as a CHATBOT or bot, is Artificial Intelligence that is now being incorporated in many business models globally. Amongst its many benefits, it’s mainly a tool used to interact with customers, in real time, day or night, without hiring around-the-clock staff and still providing excellent customer service. So, is your business ready for AI? Here are four questions you need to ask yourselves to decide if your business is ready for a chatbot:Is my business ready for a digital transformation? Digital transformation is an intimidating term for many business owners. The idea of change sounds massive and expensive. Whether it is part of your one-year or five-year plan, the best way to launch the process is by starting with a relatively inexpensive yet highly beneficial application called a CHATBOT. It will help ease your employees, business, and clients into this century seamlessly.

Are my employees ready for AI?

If you employ a large number of millennials, then the answer to that is probably, yes. Millennials have been known to demand that their place of work provide them with the latest technology to streamline the work. More than likely, they will welcome the change and easily adjust to the new technology.

What business problem are we trying to solve? Remember that adding technology is not the end goal. The end goal is using fewer resources and gaining assistance to help your bottom line and increase customer engagement. CHATBOT’s can fill in the gaps where you need it most. Like customer support, scheduling, and research collection. Decide where you need it more and develop it accordingly.

Who are my users?

While designing the right chatbot for your needs, always keep the end-user in mind to make sure that you include the right features that add functionality and builds your customer relation status. Design a user-friendly CHATBOT by knowing where your clients contact you and how and what kind of personality your CHATBOT will have. Is it dealing with young or older clients? Do you want to address them formally or informally? Answering these kinds of questions will help create the best human-like interactions.

Think of CHATBOT’s as your virtual team members that fill in the gap to enhance internal and external communications for your employees or clients. Allow the mundane tasks to be handled by AI while you assign your human employees with challenging tasks that require critical thinking and creativity.