What is a Loyalty Program to us?

It fosters the relationship with customers before, during and after every “touch point” with brands, allowing an enhanced customer experience. Clients need new models that are data- driven, personalised and interactive.

Why should you have an Innovative Loyalty Program?

To Attract & Connect

Convenient, appealing & easy sign-up via various touch-points. Sometimes a loyalty strategy is just as powerful but opaque to the customer.

To Learn & Engage

Create your own program, with instant rewards, points & tier levels. Increase repeat business and turn one-off customers into loyal customers. Send out contextually targeted and relevant surprise rewards when least expected.

To Grow & Retain

Adapt to your customers’ preferred method of earning and redeeming rewards. Personalise rewards depending on their profile, tier level or purchasing behaviour. Create a two-way interactive conversation with your customer.

Tools and Features


Provides new booking channel communication for hard-to-reach customers

Saleforce Integration

Provides new booking channel communication for hard-to-reach customers

Integrated CRM

Profiling, Segmenting and Targeting

Advanced Campaign Engine

Make the best first impression

Loyalty Program Management

Beyond the conventional rewards model

Omni Channel Communication

Real & Right time engagement

Reporting and Data Collection

Non-intrusive customer data collection

Market Place B2B and B2C

Lead brand ambassadors & marketing managers

AI-Based Predictive Analytics

Send relevant, contextual and personalised tactical campaigns

Security & Data Protection

Secure systems to protect member data

Social Integration

Integrate with social media platforms

App Integration

Customised design