What is Chat2AI CHATBOT?

A virtual customer assistant that allows one to one communications

A virtual assistant; CHATBOT or bot, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool used to interact with customers via their preferred messaging platform like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger and 9 other multilingual social applications or your website chat, in real time, 24/7 and providing instant, controlled customer service.

Benefits for Business


Reach customers on their preferred social media messaging platform 24/7


No registration required – just start chatting on the platform of their choice


Analyse user interactions & improve customer engagement


Broadcast targeted tactical messages by leveraging actionable insights


Deploy your Chatbot on up to 11 Social Media messaging platforms


Capitalise on Facebook Followers & WhatsApp mass usage, encouraging viral growth


Attract customers via engaging & suggestive communication


Drive traffic & onboard to your Chatbot through WhatsApp, email, SMS or Social Media

Tools and Features

Multi Platform Support

Major Messaging Platforms Supported -WhatsApp, Messenger, Slack, Skype, Kik, Telegram, Line

Intellegent Paths

You can form your conversation flow and path with tags for context maintenance, depending on the user query

Easy CHATBOT Training

Train your bots without any downtime, as per your users queries and needs

Human Takeover and Live Chat

Ability to stop bot responses and take over a conversation with a user mid-flow. Also use the platform for live chat

Incorporating Feedback

It is very easy to get feedback from users regarding the quality of the responses of the Chatbot and then use that to improve the training of the models

Rich Analytics

Analytics on most frequently asked questions, actions, cohort analysis and many more

Easy Integrations Framework

CRM, eCommerce, Marketing, Scheduling, Microservices, JSON APIs

Salesforce Integrated

Collecting and using actionable customer data on our loyalty & engagement module on Salesforce


Integration with Way-finder will help you to find an address of your local needs from anywhere you are

Fast Response

We have a highly scalable backend system that can process the user’s message and respond quickly


Personalised, contextual, instant rewarding modules

Multi-lingual Support

Support for English, Bahasa Indonesia, Arabic, Turkish. Other languages coming soon

FAQ Upload

Upload all your FAQs from csv/xls to get you going immediately

Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary optimised machine learning based NLP conversational modeling, FOS tagging framework


Similar to stemming but it can get canonical form of a word based on its lemma e.g. better > good. This helps in better semantic understanding



All of the information you might need for Chat2AI CHATBOT is right here at your finger tips: https://support.chat2.ai/en/