Six Reasons Why Your Business Needs a CHATBOT

Your business strategy is never really set in stone. It has to move with the times and times are always changing, in every aspect. Whether it is streamlining your resources, developing customer relations, or building brand loyalty, you and your business need to be flexible with a malleable strategy to increase your chances of surviving your competition and becoming leaders in your respective industry. If you have not been hearing and reading about CHATBOT’s everywhere you turn these days, here is a brief. A CHATBOT is a computer program which can have real conversations.

CHATBOT’s can be used with almost all popular messaging apps. They can have diverse personalities and understand written and spoken text. The bot then looks up relevant information based on the received text and responds with research found. Currently, trends to increase consumer loyalty and establish brands revolve around great customer service and improved communication and connection. That’s where CHATBOT’s come in, they are now considered the future of customer service and management. Customer service keeps your company closer to your customers. Something essential when dealing with millennials and the likes. Small sized businesses can rely on CHATBOT’s to provide images and videos to help your customers better. In the case where the bot is unable to resolve an issue entirely, then it would be transferred to a human to continue. Although, the bot is able to understand natural language so it should be able to resolve the problem entirely. It might even surpass human capabilities because it omits the possibility of human error resulting in better customer satisfaction. There are many ways businesses are benefiting from CHATBOT’s, delegating the human load for busy work is one of them.

CHATBOT’s are now able to do things like compile data, answer customer queries, fill forms, and more. So, the team can actually move onto more taxing and creative tasks. Here are six reasons why your business needs to use a CHATBOT.

  1. SCALE UP: Human Capacity allows 2-3 calls at a time. Whereas CHATBOT can operate without a limit
  2. AVAILABILITY: CHATBOT’s allow you to provide customer support 24/7 and 365 days a year
  3. SAVE TIME AND MONEY: Using a CHATBOT has a low maintainence cost once system is set up
  4. KNOW YOUR CUSTOMER: CHATBOT’s collects data, trends and metrics. They also monitor interactions and adjust their processes and responses accordingly
  5. BETTER USE OF RESOURCES: CHATBOT’s can be used as the first point of contact and redirect customers to a team member only when required giving your staff an opportunity to spend time doing other tasks
  6. MARKETING: Business is all about reaching relevant audiences. Pushing notifications and showcasing new products and services through this platform, targets the right people based on their interests.

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