Artificial Intelligent Chatbot

The world of online is booming – just look at the offerings have become more standardized and the power of customer reviews has made choices and quality of service even better. Technology has replaced a whole business segment and caters to different sectors such as Hospitality, leisure & entertainment, real estate, human resources, banking, automotive industries and many more…

So where does technology take you next? Can it further widen and deepen customer engagement? What technology will drive the next level for the customers? The answer lies in the use of bots where it promises to be a completely automated intelligent experience available via pervasive chat and messaging platforms. Now imagine there is no human involved in this whole interaction – just a piece of software called a bot that intelligently interacts, answers questions, schedules, provides status and seeks and records feedback and it is available 24×7. 

VIAFONE Technologies is the leader of next-generation predictive loyalty programs, providing unprecedented solutions like Artificial Intelligent CHATBOT and Salesforce integrated loyalty engine platform for an ever-changing market.