VIAFONE Technologies Helps Businesses Increase Sales by 20%

ADNEC (Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company Center) partnered with Via Fone Technologies to develop an Artificial Intelligence based chat-bot.The chat-bot’s objective is to enhance the experience for ADNEC’S customers (organizers, exhibitions and visitors) before, during and after an event. Visitors will now receive contextual information about exhibitions, conferences, shows, concerts and other activities. This has proven to extend visitor’s stay by more than one day in Abu Dhabi.“Today, we are in the age of conversational commerce, where brands can be a part of customers’ exclusive contact list, allowing a two-way personalized exchange, 24/7 and on demand” says founder Souffiane Houti.

VIAFONE Technologies, in collaboration with ADNEC’s managerial team developed 4 prototypes and completed the blueprint of the most innovative Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning driven EVENT CHATBOT. “Our bot runs on 9 different messaging platforms and in multiple language (including Arabic), enabling customers to use their preferred messaging platform rather than downloading a dedicated, one-time-use mobile app,” says Houti.

VIAFONE Technologies also combines loyalty with digital, mobile and social platforms to help create an efficient and memorable user experience. Applying powerful turnkey solutions involving personalized loyalty schemes, instant appreciation and tactical cross promotions , end-users’ emotional connection with brands is more apparent than ever.Brands are now able to create and manage their very own Loyalty Program by feeding it with actionable customer insights on their purchasing and reward behavior. This reduces customer churn and increases customer retention.With VIAFONE’s innovative customer experience tools and mechanics, businesses can expect:

20% Additional loyal footfall

30% More revenue from loyal member

40% More loyal members

VIAFONE Technologies is leading businesses into a more lucrative future with effective, user friendly programs that are challenging to avoid in today’s digital world, where users are demanding a more customized and intimate experience.