VIAFONE Technologies Launches Solutions

VIAFONE Technologies has recently launched two impressive solutions showcasing how versatile its technology is, using various platforms to enhance customer engagement for destinations in the region.

At 360 Mall in Kuwait we have launched an artificial intelligence (AI) based chatbot called “Nouf” that will support their customer service function. Customers can now chat on WhatsApp, Facebook, Webchat and Telegram in both Arabic and English using the Chat2AI enterprise platform developed by VIAFONE Technologies. “Nouf”, being the first of its kind, is a personalised virtual agent that is solely dedicated to customers with 24/7 service availability. Customers find chatting to an AI with a distinct persona leads to emotional connection and attachment.

Whilst at Mall of the Emirates in Dubai the Summer D’Or campaign has been created using a virtual concierge on WhatsApp that allows customers to send a picture of their receipts when they spend over AED 3,000 at a designated luxury store to earn 3% cashback in the form of a mall gift card. Driving customer spend and repeat visitation is key to building customer loyalty and rewarding those that do.

If you would like to learn more about VIAFONE Technologies please contact us on to arrange a meeting and we can showcase the platforms.